How do I stop my dog from pulling on the lead?

Where ever I go I always see people being taken for a walk by their dog(s).

I find a lot of people turn to gadgets to stop their dogs from pulling but they simply do not work, they may make the dog pulling on the lead slightly easier for you to deal with but as soon as you stop using the gadget the problem is still there.  Some people out of desperation jerk the dog back on the lead, some even shout at their dog(s) but they still continue to pull on the lead.

Some dogs pull on the lead all the time while others just pull when they see something they have decided needs their attention. There are people that lose control of the walk before they even leave the house, some can’t even say the word ‘walk‘ or even pick up the lead, some dogs may have other triggers like picking up the keys, putting your shoes or coat on all resulting in the dog going crazy.  If the dog is not listening to you in the home, there is no way the dog is going to listen to you outside with so many distractions around it.

What you first need to understand is why you are experiencing these problems with the walk and why your dog is pulling on the lead. What you then need to change is your dogs mind of who leads who but in a way the dog understands.

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