amichien bonding

Jan Fennell calls her method of dog behavioural training Amichien Bonding. It is also called Canine Communication.

Over ten years ago, she developed this method after seeing Monty Roberts, the man who listens to horses, in action in 1989. A life time passion led Jan to question traditional dog training, so if non-confrontational methods could work for horses could it work for dogs?

 To discover this language, extensive studies of the dog in its most natural form, the wolf were observed. Jan studied their communication system then mimicked this language in the domestic pack.  By studying wolf pack dynamics in the wild Jan began to formulate a way of working with dogs using their own language.  This language can then be utilised to help your dog.

The method taught is a way of working and living with our dogs and is designed to show the dog in the clearest terms possible that you will look after them.  In the wild, the hierarchy of the wolf pack is constantly reinforced through the use of highly ritualised behaviour which protects and looks after their young.

By showing your dog with your body language that you will take care of them the message will be very clear of who provides for whom.  It is a kind way to communicate with your dog by giving them calm and consistent signals everyday.

Unlike gadget-based dog training or traditional obedience methods, Amichien Bonding is a natural way of communicating with your dog that creates an environment where your dog will want to work with you of its own free will.  It is simple, effective and involves no pain, no force, no shouting, no violence and no expensive gadgets.

By using Amichien Bonding, you will be able to move into the wonderful world in which your dog will WANT to co-operate with you, of his own free will, not because he is forced to.

Liz will teach you this language, and you will learn to recognise these specific set of signals and use them everyday to gain your dog’s co-operation.