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What is Amichien Bonding?

Amichien Bonding was developed by Jan Fennell, internationally known as “The Dog Listener”. The process enables you to understand your dog’s behaviour and teaches you the dog’s natural language, so that you can successfully communicate with your dog in a way the dog understands. It uses a gentle yet effective approach that does not require force, gadgets and no shouting at your dog.

How is a Jan Fennell Dog Listener different from a Dog Trainer or Dog Behaviourist?

Jan Fennell Dog Listeners understand and work with the dogs natural instincts to help the dog change its behaviour of its own free will. The dog is shown how to behave in a way it understands rather than you trying to control their behaviour. Dog Trainers and Dog Behaviourists work to control the dog’s behaviour, sometimes by the use of force or gadgets and can usually only be done by them, Amichien Bonding is different and can be used by anyone.

How long will it take for my dog to change its behaviour?

This is not a quick fix or a one off solution as dogs never stop needing the right information from us, they never stop learning and every day is different. In the world of dogs, you are not voted leader for life, you earn the dog’s respect daily, so even when you have bonded and your dog trusts you to make the decisions, your routine will have to be maintained. However using Amichien Bonding is easy and once you have learned the techniques it becomes second nature.

Does the breed of my dog make a difference?

There are many myths about which breeds are easier or harder to train, and these stereotypes do not take into account that among a particular breed there are many different personalities.

Often a dog’s breed is used as a excuse by those who don’t really understand what to do with certain behaviour. Of course, breeds have been developed over centuries by humans to be physically capable of performing a specific task, but it does not guarantee that they will do it.

All dogs share the same set of instincts and language and learning their language is easier than you think too – in fact, people use it all the time without thinking about it.

How can Amichien Bonding work to help any canine behaviour problem?

Amichien Bonding works for any non-medical canine behaviour problem because it treats the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

What if I have a rescue dog or my dog is older?

It doesn’t matter. Whatever the age or breed of your dog, it is still a dog! It is never too late to take the first step towards understanding your dog, improving their behaviour and your relationship. For rescue dogs and older dogs, the process is the same.

Can I still take my dog to Dog Training or Dog Agility?

Yes definitely, by using Amichien Bonding you will have already built the foundations of a wonderful relationship with your dog. You can then take your dog to agility competitions, compete in field trials, working tests, obedience, tracking, showing – anything at all, your dog will trust you wherever you go and whatever you do.