Why your dog chews – Separation Anxiety

Many of us have known or experienced dogs who hate to be left alone – Separation Anxiety

Image result for dog separation anxietyThis is possibly the most distressing problem to experience for both you and your dog. Dog separation anxiety can manifest in many ways depending on the personality of your dog. Some examples of ways your dog may display separation anxiety are barking, howling, whining, destructive chewing of your personal possessions or furniture to defecating and/or urinating in your home.

From a human point of perspective it is hard not to take it personally when you come home to find your house destroyed.  We also put a human spin on this behaviour and assume it occurs because the dog is feeling bored, lonely or afraid.  All to often I also hear people saying the dog is punishing the owner for leaving them and this couldn’t be further from the truth!

In fact chewing releases a natural endorphin which helps the dog to calm down and cope with the stress of loosing you. This is very similar to humans when we get stressed we bite our nails, smoke, eat or drink.

So how do we solve your dogs separation anxiety?

First you need to look at it in a different way.  We as humans assume we are responsible for our dogs, they live with us we feed them but what if….your dog does not see it that way. What if your dog does not think the same way we do. We are humans they are canine and dogs do have their own language.

So by relieving your dog of the job of looking after you, the dog no longer feels responsible for you, you then will be able to come and go as you please, without the dog having to worry about you when you are not there.

Once you understand what’s going on in your dogs head, a whole set of so called ‘dog behaviour problems’ can start to make sense.

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